Sunday, March 10, 2013

A little over 15 years ago I stepped into the street, initially not fully understanding why I wanted to take the journey, but with the overall hope to document the people of Chicago, as I witnessed the cultural landscape of my city rapidly changing. It seemed as if slim to no one was documenting who we were as a people behind the camera and our photographic history, a history that I strongly felt had the power to enlighten future generations was being squandered. I became overwhelmed with a personal obligation to document who we were/are as Chicagoans and to largely work to give back to our underprivileged and overlooked residents, hoping to provide them a photographic voice. Over the years, truly one of a kind social situations have organically materialized and played out in front of my camera lens and I couldn't be more appreciative for all I've bared witness to. This humbling exposure opened my eyes wider than I ever thought possible and instilled a sense of empathy that radically changed my personal understanding towards what it truly means to be human, while exisiting in one of the most Aesthetically interesting yet hardened destinations in the Continental United States.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Uptowns Finest
No matter what neighborhood your from in chicago,in the end, we all connect at the lakefront.
When i see my chicago people truly care for one another, i know im living in the greatest city on earth..(downtown slip and fall)
urban wildlife sighting..uptown falcon..Myself and one other Chicago resident witnessed this. After the falcon flew off with the incapacitated pigeon,we both looked at each other speechless for a moment..